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Westchester Networking for Professionals

Phone: (914) 266-0347 


Our team consists of highly motivated individuals who are committed to the success of Westchester Networking for Professionals.  These team members play an important role in the development, management and outcome of our events and programs we put forward to our community of professionals.

Theresa Todman's responsibility as a committee member is to oversee all task of the other committee members' responsibilities.

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Phone: (914) 266-0347
email: [email protected]
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B&M Financial Management Services, LLC provides full services accounting and financial management consulting services.  Their services are designed to address everything from major strategic issues to more basic problems affecting everyday business practices.

Accounting Services & Small Business Consultant Advisors
Our Communications Committee consists of staff members and volunteers who are responsible for communicating with our Members and Prospective Members to help resolve issues and keep them informed with Westchester Networking for Professionals updates.  They also, coordinate events and monitor activities related to the newsletters, alerts, website maintenance, social media sites and public relations.

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