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Westchester Networking for Professionals

Phone: (914) 266-0347 


Welcome to FAQ! Here you will find answers to our most commonly asked questions, if you have a question not in our FAQ, please contact us


  1. What is the appropriate attire for the event?

    Making a first impression is vital, although we do not have a specific dress code, we suggest that the people who attend our events dress in a business casual professional attire.

  2. Should I attend alone or with a friend?

    Lots of people attend our events alone, there will be plenty of other professionals to meet and build relationships.  But if you feel comfortable attending with a friend, we certainly encourage you to reach out to a co-worker or friend to bring along for the experience.

  3. Are there speakers at the networking events?

    Yes and no, every event that we host is an opportunity for you to network and exchange business cards.  We do not allow speakers at our social networking mixers; we want you to enjoy the engagement of conversations and cocktail. But we do have other events that offer the opportunity for industry leaders to share their knowledge and skills to speak about topics of interest.  Speaking opportunities are a privileged to Privileged Card Members and a select few that WNFP decided to allow to speak to our attendees.


  4. What is your refund and cancellation policy?


    All ticket purchases are non-refundable.  If notified 48 hours before scheduled networking event, WNFP will credit your ticket purchase to another networking event; does not include “Special Events” (trade shows, award ceremonies, conferences, etc.), by purchasing your ticket you agree to these terms.


    Westchester Networking for Professionals (WNFP)  reserves the right to cancel an event due to low enrollment or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable. In the event, an event is canceled registrants will be notified and a full refund will given.

    For more information about our Refund/Cancellation Policy or our Terms and Conditions.  Click the links below:

    Privacy Policy       Terms & Conditions

  5. What type of professionals attend your events?

    WNFP events offers sophisticated social networking ambiance for business owners,entrepreneurs, executives, sales associates, and career-minded professionals who are eager to meet, create new connections, improve their professional development and generate opportunities. Our events are open to all professionals in any industry.

    Check out our Events & Programs page.

  6. Do WNFP guarantee attendees will make business connections?

    Most certainly not! WNFP does not guarantee or promise any attendee that he/she will leave one of our events with someone they will do business with or even get referrals. 

    WNFP will help attendees communicate by making  introductions to other attendees.

    The purpose of our networking events is to give each attendee an opportuntity to meet new people and get more acquainted with other to build professional relationships.  Those relationships may turn into good friends, buddies, business partners etc..  

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Business Leaders Broadcasts

  1. What a Digital Email Marketing Campaign?

    Digital Email Market Campaigns are a very successful strategy and works well for every kind of business it include sending out email campaigns which are used as a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating to encourage products and service trials and/or purchases.


  2. What is the benefit of a digital email marketing campaign?

    In today’s business world, companies must take advantage of multiple methods of advertising. Billions of people have an email account and email is the most effective marketing method to reaching your targeted audience and communicating with customers and potential customers. Therefore, any business can be successfully advertised or promoted through email. Your business is no exception to this rule. No matter what you do, you can always gather customers by using email marketing.


  3. How many people receive this digital email campaign?

    The email blast is distributed to over 2,500 opt-in email subscribers.

  4. How much space is each email ad?

    It is a good idea to keep your advertisement to a fixed width of no more than 560 pixels x 220 pixels.


  5. What are the graphic guidelines for emails?


    • Acceptable images (jpeg, jpg, png).
    • Some html codes may be accepted.
    • Email your artwork, text message or html code content, supporting documents: pdf file, links to [email protected]
    • Targeted URL Links: website page, PDF file, email address
    • Graphic design services are available upon request.
  6. What is the Business Leader Broadcast Program?

    Business Leaders Broadcast is a highly effective digital email marketing campaigns that businesses can take advantage of to promote and communicate to Westchester Networking for Professionals opt-in email subscribers.

  7. When are the Business Leader Broadcasts sent out?

    Advertisements must be received at least 2 weeks in advance for distribution on the last Wednesday of each month.

  8. What is the cost to place my ad in the Business Leaders Broadcasts?

    Your advertisement will be emailed to our subscribers 6 times, once a month for 6 months with the option to renew for a low cost, one-time payment of $450.00. To reserve your spot, please email: [email protected] or call (914) 266-0347.

  9. Can I change my Business Leaders Broadcast email ad?

    Yes, new ads can be submitted for distribution. All ads must be received 2 weeks in advance.

  10. How do I place my advertisement in the Business Leaders Broadcasts?

    To reserve your spot, send an email to [email protected] or call (914) 266 -0347.

  11. Do you offer custom design services?

    Yes, custom design services are available upon request. For more information about WNFP's custom design services, click here.

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Members Directory

  1. How do I meet and connect with people in WNFP Network?

    There are lots of ways to connect with people:

    • Become a member of WNFP and create a customized profile.
    • Participate in discussions on our Member's Forum message board.
    • Become an Achievement Blogger.
    • Send referrals to other members.
    • Get listed on our Member's Spotlight.
    • Send update on new services or products to members.

  2. How can I add a signature to my posts & comments?

    Click on "edit profile" on the upper right hand corner of the page. In the edit profile tab, you will see a section "signatures".  Here you can type your name, company name, phone# and link to your website. Don't forget to check the "Attach Signature" checkbox below every posting form to include your signature.

  3. Can I invite some of my colleagues or friends to join me on WNFP Network?

    Yes, we encourage members to invite people to join our network, in the upper right hand corner click on the icon "invite", here is where you would send invitations to your colleagues or friend to join WNFP Member's Network.

  4. How do I edit my profile?

    First you must be signed in your WNFP Network profile - icon on the upper right corner of the page. 

    • On your profile page click the icon next to General Info ""
    On the Manage Account page
    • Click on the "Edit Account" tab - To edit your contact info— Name, phone numbers, emails and addresses
    • Click on the "Edit Profile" tab - to update your profile information (profile image, about me, signature & profile questions)
    • Click on the "Change Password" tab - to change your password
    • Click on the "Email Preferences" tab - to change the email notifications status
  5. What are tags?

    Tags are suggested keywords that have been proven to drive traffic to your site.  They are the words most often used by web surfers.  It is important to add tags for people to find you on the web. By utilizing suggested keywords on your profile that are specific to your business, you are more likely to connect with people specifically looking for your product or service.

  6. How do I close my account?

    To close your account, send us an email at [email protected] and we will remove your profile from our Member's Directory.

  7. Is my personal member's information visible to other members'?

    No, the only information visible to other members are "About you", "Full Name", "Title", "Organization/Company", and the information you provide in the "Description".

  8. Why must I answer all the profile questionnaire if it will not be visible to members?

    The member's profile is considered your membership application, to officially classify you as a WNFP Member.  In order to reek the benefits of a WNFP member, you MUST complete all questions on the questionnaire.

  9. Is my personal information and data secured?

    For more information about security of your information please refer to the links below:

    Privacy Policy       Terms & Conditions

  10. How do I change my age displayed in my member's profile?

    To change your account setting, log into your account, click "edit profile" and click the tab "Edit Account" to make changes to your account settings. 

  11. I am unable to read the secret code to type in the set of words

    Unfortunately, we can not change the format of the "secret coded words".  If you are having trouble reading the words, we suggest that you click on the refresh button to retrieve a new set of "secret coded word".  (see below)

  12. How do I start with setting up my professional profile?

    Getting started is simple! Now that you've joined our community of Professionals, you'd want them to get to know who your are, and having a complete profile increase your chances of getting noticed!

    First impressions count!  It is important to keep in mind that your profile will likely play a big part in helping other members of the WNFP Member's Network form that first impression of you.  

    1. DISPLAY NAME  Choose a display name.  Decide what name you want to display to our members.  You can use your birth name or business name.
    2. UPLOAD IMAGES  Upload a image that represents you. It will be displayed next to your display name and in your posts when you connect with other members.  Profiles without an image are most likely to not get noticed.  You can use a headshot, logo, an image demonstrating your expertise or any photo to your liking.
    3. MEMBER'S PROFILE  Share More About Yourself. This is a great spot to give us a little snapshot of yourself and your personality. It's a great area to highlight your area of expertise and what types of skills and knowledge you might be sharing with the WNFP Members' Network. 

    Membership Questionnaire: You will see several additional boxes for your to fill in to provide even more detail about yourself. These questions MUST be answered to qualify your as an Official WNFP Member and allows you the opportunity to enjoy the members benefits. 

    Please be advised that personal information is for our records and WILL NOT be display for our members viewing.NOW YOU'RE OFFICIALLY A WNFP MEMBER!

    We are all professionals at Westchester Networking for Professionals and we look forward to connecting with you.

    To edit your contact info—phone numbers, emails and addresses—click on the "edit profile" icon on the upper right corner of the page.

  13. How Do I Upload My Videos to My Profile?

    Simple! To add videos  to your profile.

    1. You must be signed into your account
    2. Visit the Video Gallery
    3. Click the "+Add Video" button
    4. Select a channel from the dropdown menu you would like your video displayed in.
    5. Choose how you would like to add your video. Either URL, Embedded Code, Search Youtube, or Upload File. 
    6. Then click the "submit" button
  14. I forgot my password, how do I retrieve it?

    To reset your password:

    Click here to visit the sign in page Click the forget your password link (next to the SIGN IN button)

    A new window will appear for you to input your email address you used to sign up for the account.

    Click the SUBMIT button

    Check you email for the reset instructions

    For your privacy, we do not keep record of any password.  If you need assistance with finding out which email you used to create your profile, please email [email protected]

  15. How do I add or change a profile photo to my WNFP profile?

    To add or change your profile photo follow the steps below:

    1. Sign into your WNFP profile account.
    2. On the right hand side, under "Actions" click on the "Edit Profile" link.
    3. On your Manage Profile page in the Edit Profile tab, click Browse to locate a photo on your local computer that you want to use as your profile picture, and then click Upload, or click the remove picture link to change your photo.
    4. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

    Take Note: The profile photo is a visual representation of how you will be perceived by other members.

  16. Who are the members of WNFP?

    Our members consists of business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, sales associates, andcareer-minded professionals who are eager to meet, create new connections,improve their professional development and generate opportunities.  Not a member? Create you FREE profile, today!

  17. How do I increase my profile visibility and get found by other members?

    Unfortunately, Members can only search for title description in our database.  The best way to increase your visibility and get found is to add key words of your services to your name.  Example:  BMFMS (Accounting, Taxes, SB Consulting).


  18. How do I add videos to my profile?

    Privileged Card Members can add videos to thier profile. If you are not a Privileged Card Member click here to upgrade.

    Watch the video tutorial to learn steps to adding videos to your profile.

    You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

  19. What is the difference between the Members Directory & Business Directory?

    The Members Directory Listings is a full list of searchable profiles of professionals who created an online account. The is no charge to sign up and create a free profile.

    The Business Directory Listing is an online category listing of businesses who want to get found online. It another opportunity to promote your business and gain traffic to you website for a low cost of $25.00/lifetime.

  20. Is there a way to invite others to join WNFP or share website?

    Yes, the "invite icon" function in our member directory is not active (website hosting issue). Therefore, the other way to forward our website is by using the "Share Button" on the HOME PAGE - circled in red on the image below.

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Member2Member Discounts

  1. How do I submit a discount offer to the Member2Member Discount & Savings Program

    To submit a member2member discount or savings offer of your services or products you must first Sign In to you profile account, don't have a WNFP profile - Sign Up, it's free.

    1. Under the link "Members Area" click "Submit Discounts"
    2. Complete the form and click "Submit"
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Member Forum

  1. How do I post a new topic?

    Topics are where your forum members can interact with each other.  Once a topic is posted other members can respond to the topics with posts.

    How to post a New Topic

    1. Log into the forum on your web site
    2. Click one of the Categories
    3. Click the New Topic button
    4. Give the Topic a Title
    5. Enter your Topic Post
  2. Can I edit topics that I posted?

    Yes.  Site members can edit and delete their posts, however, there is a 10 minute time limit on this. This is to prevent members from editing an old post that has already been replied to multiple times.

  3. How do I reply to a post?

    A reply can be posted to forum topics by members or moderators. The post can be formatted with images, links, and custom HTML code.

    • Open the topic you'd like to reply to
    • Click on the Post Reply button (top right)
    • Post your reply

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Privileged Card Membership

  1. What is a Privileged Card Membership?

    WNFP's Privileged Card Membership Program is an affordable yearly membership that entitles you to exclusive benefits, discounts and growth opportunities above and beyond those available to the basic membership. Learn more about our Privileged Card Memberships.

  2. How do I access information about Privileged Card Membership?

    Privileged Card Membership information can be viewed by signing into your WNFP profile.  If you do not have a WNFP profile, simple Sign Up to create a free account.

  3. Can I get a refund if I enroll to a Privileged Card Membership?

    No refund will be given, the annual fee charged for Privileged Card Membership is non-refundable.  

  4. Will I be notified of my Privileged Card Membership renewal?

    Yes, you will be contacted sixty (60) days prior to your anniversary date to remind you to renew your Privileged Card Membership. If you choose not to renew and /or payment is not received by your anniversary date, your membership status will automatically cancel.

  5. I created a free profile on WNFP website, does that make me a Privileged Card Member?

    No, WNFP offers professionals an opportunity to join our Members Directory for free to engage in making online professional connections with the professionals in our Members Directory.

    To become a Privileged Card Member, you must enroll in one of two PCM program plans.

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Lead for Success Webinars

  1. What is a Lead for Success Webinars?

    A Lead for Success Webinar, or "Web seminar," is an online event designed to facilitate communication between a small number of presenters and a large remote audience using the Internet.

    Westchester Networking for Professionals (WNFP), Lead for Success webinars will be offered to educate, entertain, and connect with like-minded professionals in an industry area of interest.

    Giving you the opportunity to watch and listen to a presentation, interact and even ask questions from the convenience of your home or office. It's like attending a live seminar from the comfort of your sofa.

  2. How do I attend a Lead for Success Webinar?

    All you need to participate is a computer (PC or Mac) and a phone with access to the web. Since the webinar runs in your browser, no special software is required to participate.

    Registration is required to participate in each webinar session.  Just click on the desired webinar registration link to complete your registration information.

    You will receive a confirmation of your registration which will include  a direct link to the webinar along with detailed instruction on how to access the webinar on the schedule date. Remember to "save the date"!

  3. How do I become a Presenter/Educator?

    WNFP is always on the look-out for Presenter/Educators for our "Lead for Success" Webinars.  Our topics and discussions will focus on the vision, advancement and success in business. 

    If you would like to be considered to motivate, inspire and share your expertise with our audience, please CLICK HERE to complete our online form.

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Website Content

  1. How do I upload videos from my account?

    It is simple to upload videos:

    1. Click on the “Videos” link
    2. Sign in to your account (must be a Privileged Card Member to upload videos)
    3. Click the “ADD VIDEO” at the top of the page
    4. Choose a channel from the Existing Channel


      • URL
      • EMBED CODE


    6. Complete the additional information about your video (Title and description)

    7. Click "Submit" button



  2. How do I submit an article to have featured?

    It's Simple!

    1. Create an account or Sign In to access WNFP Members Forum
    2. Click on the link "SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE & KNOWLEDGE"
    3. Click on the link "New Topic" to submit your own quality content.
  3. What are the terms and conditions of submitting articles?

    Terms & Conditions for Article Submissions
    • Article contents must be original and unique; do not copy it from any other content source.
    • Copyrighted images must be cited below image.
    • Articles must be at least 400 words or more with quality informative content.
    • Do not submit promotional content. 
    • WNFP reserves the right to reject material submitted and delete published articles.
    • Multiple submission will be accepted, but published once.
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Sponsorships & Advertising

  1. Do you offer event sponsorships or advertising for WNFP events?

    Yes, of course! WNFP has a array of sponsorship and advertising options for companies to get the word out about their company.

    Every business's needs and budgets are difference, we have an package for everyone.

    Click the link to learn more about our event  sponsorships.

  2. What are your Vendor Table Display Guidelines?

    The purpose of the Vendor Display Tables Guidelines is to establish criteria for vendor participation or sponsorship at Westchester Networking for Professionals events, meetings and activities.

    Click here to learn more about our event Vendor Display Tables.

  3. What type of items does WNFP accept for donation to raffle drawings?

    WNFP accepts all types of items, we can raffle tickets, gift certificates, gift cards, books, magazine subscriptions, gift baskets, art work etc...

    If you are interested in gaining additional exposure at our events, click here to download our Raffle Participation Form.(pdf)

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